Sport Gives Hope

There is hope – real hope – for the children of Hopefield, thanks to the collaboration between Cape Coast Youth and Sport & Recreation in Vredenburg.

Even though the event only last for two days, the kids acquired, amidst great fun, skills for new types of sports.
Franklin van Rhyn, sport coordinator, visited the town on 11 and 13 July 2017 to teach the kids about the smaller, more in-depth things about different sport types, and coach them while applying it in practice.

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Soccer, rugby, netball, volley ball and T-ball were played – most of which were foreign to these kids. But between his explanations and loads of fun, these kids were able to learn very quickly indeed. In fact, it was the T-ball – a combination of baseball and soft-ball, which appeared to result in the most fun.

Van Rhyn explained: “Due to the fact that the kids didn’t know these kinds of sport, they were “taken through the phases”. T-ball was included to teach kids about swinging the bat, and to develop the right “hand and circle” combination. The fact that they enjoyed it so much, made it easier for me to teach them.”

cape coast youth,hopefield,children,mkids,sports coaching

Something else which enjoyed immense popularity was the skills of the young soccer team. Build-it in Vredenburg will be hosting their annual U/13 competition in Louwville on Saturday 16 September 2017. Last year was the first time ever that the team from Hopefield was able to participate in the competition. This year, Cape Coast Youth intends to enter a trained team.

As luck would have it (for the kids), a soccer player from Vredenburg – Pienaar Nthotso – offered to coach the kids. Nthotso works for the Saldanha bay municipality in Hopefield, and will train the youngsters every Tuesday and Thursday at 5 PM to teach them the finer skills of soccer. We will ensure that we definitely reach more than just the group phase games this year…

But if we don’t achieve that, we’ll simply try again. Ultimately, it’s most important that the kids really enjoy it, regardless of the end result.

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