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Langebaan: Pride beams from the conversation, but with such humility…!

An athlete with exceptional talent.

This teenager from Langebaan has, like many other matriculants, written her final examination at her school desk at the end of 2015. Bianca Pholman is a household name in sports for the people on the West Coast. She started school 12 years before that at Langebaan Primary. From there she went on to Hopefield High School for a year, and completed the rest of her schooling at Weston Senior Secondary School in Vredenburg.

Cape Coast Youth visited her and chatted about her achievements in school sports, and her plans for the future. In order to put all the achievements of this gifted and humble teen on paper, I’ll have to start writing a book.

The other news is that she would love to appear in a video – to demonstrate her capabilities as a gymnast and dancer. However, she doesn’t want to perform with “just any dance group”, and is negotiating with the group of her choice.

At the age of 8, in the 3rd grade, Bianca started participating in netball. It was, however, at age 9 when she started attracting attention to her talent for sports. She was awarded Boland Colours for u/10 cross country running, and in the same year she was crowned as the best u/10 netball player of her school.

In 2009 she finished second in the 1200m event, and also finished in second place for the long jump at a Western Boland athletics competition.

In 2010 she starts doing gymnastics, and abstains from other sports for the rest of that year. The next year, however, Bianca was back in full force and took part in the 800m event at a Western Cape competition. She was awarded Western Cape Colours for that, and was chosen as the sport girl of the year by Langebaan Primary School.

Bianca Pholman,cape coast youth,cape coast youth organisation,cape coast youth,gymnast,gymnastics,rhythmic gymnast,rhythmic gymnasticsIn the same year, she also helped her school team – the Langebaan Stars Gymnastics Club – to dominate in several knock-out competitions.

The team qualified to participate in the first “Gym for Life” worldwide gymnastics competition, hosted in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012. Similarly to the Olympics, it is presented once every four years – in a different location.

The next year, she started at senior level at Hopefield High School. Back on the track, she came first in the 800m and 400m events, and finished third in the 200m event at a Western Boland athletics competition.

The next year she decided to continue her high school career at Weston High in Vredenburg. She sets herself apart in athletics and netball, and is chosen as the school’s “Sportswoman of the year”. During the same year, she acquired her Western Province Colours for gymnastics.

Her last year at school was no exception for Bianca Pholman from Langebaan – not as far as sports was concerned. She was once again crowned as Sportwoman of the year, after she stood out as 15-year old in a Western Boland athletics competition. Bianca was also awarded Western Cape Colours for rhythmic gymnastics. In return for all of her hard work, she received the ultimate prize from her club: “Gymnast of the year”.

In 2015 she was in the school’s u/19 netball team, but she focused on gymnastics. Besides taking part in Western Cape events, she also participated in the SA Games, presented in Gauteng.

This talented athlete even participated in canoe- and other sports, for which she collected calculates and smaller trophies as proof.

Bianca is also a member of the Cape Coast Youth group.


Bianca (now 19 years old) completed her gymnastics coaching course at a Stellenbosch Institute last month. She is currently on the lookout for a gymnastics coaching position.
If you can help her in any way, please send a email with enquiries/suggestions to –


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