Today’s Kids Face a Whole Different World from the one we Grew up in…

cape coast youth, youth empowerment,youth upliftment,challengesIt’s easy to take one look at today’s kids, and say “but in my days”… It’s very easy to compare the behavioural patterns. But are we really comparing apples to apples? The world today is very different from the one we grew up in…

Yes, when we grew up we had more strict discipline – at home and at school. There were boundaries.

But life was also so much simpler then…

Even if it wasn’t always good.

We didn’t have to deal with drug pushers everywhere.

We didn’t have to face ridiculously high unemployment figures.

We didn’t have to go to schools where every kid could basically do as he or she pleases (as seems to be the case today).

We didn’t live in a world ridden by crime, born out of desperation and poverty.

We didn’t have to face the dangers of high levels of pollution, HIV, and human trafficking.

We didn’t have to live in a crowded society where most of the criminals get away because the police is over-burdened.

And our parents had an easier job protecting us, because they could control our communications to some extent. There were no cell phones with messages from bad boyfriends coming in after midnight, and our parents decided what we could watch on TV or listen to on the radio.

There were fewer cars on the road.

Corruption was merely another word in the dictionary.

But today…

Everything is over-crowded. It seems there are never enough nurses, government admin staff, police officers, teachers, etc to handle the workload.

High levels of unemployment, as well as an influx of foreigners (not all of whom are bad people) have led to the highest crime levels ever, making our country one of the most crime-ridden and violent countries in the world.

Social media and cell phones have basically destroyed our privacy. Constant exposure to everything we would like to protect our kids from, makes it difficult. And the high number of single parents that work hard to make ends meet, have a difficult time to be there for their kids.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – thankfully.

On the one hand, our increased ability to connect with the outside world has made it possible for kids to call for help during incidents of domestic violence. It has made it possible for depressed teens to connect with online communities where they can get support – even among people from other countries.

In addition to that, the government is continuously launching new programmes to increase awareness about certain issues, as well as educational programmes to try and undo some of the damage of the past.

And lastly, there are organisations like Cape Coast Youth – trying to inspire the youth of today to be better citizens tomorrow.

One by one child at a time, we are working to make our community a better place to live in.

Would you perhaps be able to lend a helping hand?

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