To remember them…..the Wanderers Cricket Players

On the evening of Youth day, 16 June 2017, Cape Coast Youth  paid tribute to four residents of Hopefield for their contribution to youth development in the society. They were Bjorn Witbooi, Hilton Lewis, Ferdinand Cooper and Charles Johnson.

After much positive feedback and “thank you” messages from the grateful community in our town, we (Cape Coast Youth) decided to continue with the initiative. In every community there are those who left an imprint in their efforts to uplift the community. Ironically, they usually don’t even realise it, and usually expect nothing in return for their good deeds.

As the founder and leader of this organisation, I feel that constructive community leaders should be acknowledged. Not only for what they have done in the past, but also for what they still mean to their communities – especially for the younger generation.

CCY will once again take initiative when we pay tribute to former players of the first cricket club in town. We plan to pay tribute during a dinner event in the local community hall. Here the guys will once again be able to sit peacefully, and discuss “the old days”.

The Wanderers Cricket Club in Hopefield was founded in 1975, and after several friendly matches the club joined the West Coast Cricket Union.

As the “Cinderella” of the competition, under the captaincy of Freddie “Lange” Papier, the team dominated the West Coast Cricket league competition for 7 years. Some of the players are still considered to be among the best that ever stepped out onto the cricket pitches of the West Coast.

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To express our gratitude to these men who ensured the presence of a cricket club, where young people can go to practice the sport, we will pay tribute to the most outstanding players.

For instance:

  • Best bowler
  • Best batsman
  • Best fielder
  • Best opening batsman
  • Best wicket keeper
  • Best all-rounder
  • And lastly, the first player to score a century for his team in the league matches.

Although some of the players have passed away, all the remaining Wanderers players who competed in league matches during the first 10 years of the club’s existence are to be considered for the awarding of medals and trophies. Acknowledgements awarded to deceased players will be accepted in absentia by their descendants.

An appeal to potential sponsors:

To make this event happen, we need sponsors. It is simply not possible to do this out of our personal incomes. If you would like to help us make this a memorable occasion, please Click Here to contact us. At the time of writing, we need approximately R13,000 more.

Sponsors will be featured on our “sponsors” page for a period of one year from the date of their sponsorship.

If you would like to make a donation towards the project, or if you need our banking details, please Click Here.

                                Paying tribute of former players has been postponed indefinitely due to a lack of funds.

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