PLEASE – we need your donations

Although many businesses support our cause by sponsoring prizes, the actual running costs of the organisation often seems like a bottomless pit – especially since it usually comes out of my own pocket.

Being a pensioner it isn’t easy – but I do my best, doing odd contract jobs for an additional income (most of which goes directly into running cape Coast Youth).

You can see more about what I do here:

Why do I keep going?

There is just something about seeing happy kids, and knowing that I am trying to make a difference to peoples’ lives and their community, that spurs me on.

If you can afford to do so, any financial support – however small – will be of enormous benefit to us, and will be received with gratitude.

We also feature contributing businesses on our Sponsors page.

If you with to make any contribution, please Contact Us

With sincere thanks

George April (founder)