Our vision is to help the young people gain confidence  in themselves and to get them involved in a range of activities and sports after school or college during the week and on weekends.

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We service young people living in Hopefield and surrounding towns by offering information and training workshops across a range of topics.  Members will be involved in developing and running events, such as a fund raising festival (to build a sports field in Hopefield) in November and running a beauty pageant at the end of each year.

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of Cape Coast Youth is about developing personal empowerment and fulfilling individual potential.  Our founding members have been doing this for the past year and the effect on them has been amazingly positive as they developed or extended their social skills and exercised their individual abilities.

Our team will participate constructively in activities that involve the community by helping integrate the efforts of the community with service providers, government officials and agencies, schools, law enforcement agencies, private businesses and individuals.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help young people gain confidence, improve their communication skills and to develop caring and respectful relationships with each other and with adults.  We plan to create a social setting in which will ultimately lead them towards a more positive view of themselves and society.

We believe there can be more to life than teenage pregnancies, drugs and gangsterism. Cape Coast Youth will help young people move away from drugs and other negative aspects of life.  We do this by keeping them off the streets and involved in more rewarding activities.

It is our hope and intention that, through these activities, young people will be prepared for any life challenges they may face later on.

Empowering the Community

The organisation will also empower the community to come out a take part in community projects that are initiated and run by Cape Coast Youth.  Through this participation, they will be able to see the difference our organisation has made in their childrens’ daily lives.

Cape Coast Youth does not just stand on the sidelines but is an active participant in the community.  It is our hope, that though our relationship-building activities, we can draw the community together as a whole, across all races.